Found {secret}

I can’t hold it in any longer you guys. I wanted to find the perfect time to share my little secret, but it’s about done healing so I figure I can show her to you

drum roll pleeeeasseee


(cue gasps and OMGZ!)

aahh yes, I can hear them now:)

that’s first tattoo. She is so pretty. The tattoo is on my left side, upper ribs. I got this in memory of my best friend’s mother who passed away from breast cancer earlier in high school. It’s white and baby pink ink. I didn’t want black or gray for this particular tattoo, because I wanted it to be very girly dainty as a tattoo possibly can be. I enhance the colors a little bit so it’s actually a lot more faint that it appears. It’s very personal to me and I adore it. The initials under it are “JM”.You can see it’s still in the healing process but it’s been over a week and I’m bursting at the seams!

I also haven’t posted an outfit post in a while. Honestly, it’s hard to be able to take pictures of myself when I’m constantly on the go. But fortunately, today I was able to snap a few before running to my Printmaking class.

{skirt: UO, vest: AE, shirt: OldNavy, leggings: Target, boots: RackRoom}


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