Agape, only His {Agape III}

God has brought on great lessons as I continue to prepare for Prague. It seems like every time I begin to get ready for a mission trip, my flesh and the world get in the way. Doesn’t seem too drastic at first,  just a few days without quiet times here and there. Then next thing you know my walk has ceased and I’m confused as to why. It’s obvious looking back on it, I have backed off and neglected my love. Christ. A Christian can’t cease in his daily walk with Christ. If you are not growing and moving forward, you are falling back. I can remember very clearly that in March of 2010 { almost 4 months before I left for Ukraine } I was being constantly attacked spiritually. I went through a lull in my walk that really brought me down. I was getting nervous and began second guessing if I should go to Ukraine. I mentioned this struggle to a friend and she reminded me that Satan throws things at you when God has something huge in store. It’s easier to get off focus when a Christian is preparing to do God’s work overseas than it is with normal day-to-day walking with  Christ.

“I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine..” Song of Songs 6:3

It is so ironic that Valentine’s Day is today, because He has been teaching me HUGE things in terms of relationships and how a Godly one looks. By watching and listening to multiple couple’s testimonies on going about my next relationship in a different way. When that comes about you can bet I’ll inform you on the challenges, but for now they will remain in my mind.


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