what does winter, music, and owls have in common?

A: They are the topics of this post!

Thinking back on the past week, there is not a specific obsession I have had. There are many little attention grabbers though. Let’s see, to start off…how about my love/hate relationship to this bitter cold storm? It’s funny that Louisianians are such pansies to this cold weather. I am a victim too, don’t think i’m excluding myself. From a personal example, as soon as it turns below 70 degrees Papa Soileau lights up the fireplace and Mama Soileau gets the okra gumbo going. Now, don’t think i’m complaining, I just find it amusing! I love sweats and slippers just as much as the next gal. My favorite season is the winter. I love the fresh crisp air and being able to layerlayerlayer! The hate comes in when i’m off at LSU sitting in a concrete walled dorm room wishing I was sitting next to Mama and Papa Soileau enjoying that fire and gumbo. It’s only been 4 weeks since i’ve been home, but this weather makes me miss it more!

this is the view from my dorm window..

okay  I lied..this is my depressing view:

Onto the next attention grabber, new music! Love it. Like I said in the previous post, my music preference has changed dramatically since prior years. A friend of mine recently gave me about 8 CDs to listen to. Among those CDs were artists such as: The Avett Brothers, Neko Case, The National, She & Him, Fleet Foxes, The Black Crowes, and The Strokes. Not too shabby eh?? I guess i’ve moved on from music that has to put me in a specific mood to music that can just play in the background without me wanting to skip over every other song.

The item i’m about to finish with can’t be considered anything else BUT an obsession. I’ve never been a collector of things..more like a hoarder. But lately I have been collecting owls. Mostly trinket type objects. Right now sitting on my desk are two owls that I adore. One comes from a Goodwill trip and the other is a beautiful blue and white ceramic vintage type owl from Hobby Lobby. It’s adorable. They inspire me to actually do my schoolwork..as if their associated with wisdom or something:D

{side note/brain tangent: How do other blogs become so popular so easily? I don’t understand what magic dust they have, but i’d like some.}


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