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[Neko Case]

This American singer/songwriter is not a new face to the music industry. She has actually been around for a good while, but she is new to my ears. I have never had a specific genre of music that I was attracted to. When asked “what’s your favorite music!?” I’d answer with a shrug and a general “I like it all”. The older I get the more false that statement becomes. I have always been a fan of 80s/90s alternative and pop, that will never change, but now I am more inclined to listen to a mix of Bon Iver, Mumford and Sons, The National, Citizen get the idea. The popular music of today i.e Bruno Mars, Usher, Jason Derulo, and..Justin Beiber  does not impress me at all {Oh no she diddddn’t!!} Yes, I did. Give that kid a few more years and America’s “fever” will be cured. A lot of the music today has no depth to it. No thought at all, it is just a mix of swaggerlific beats and ridiculous dance moves- and bam you got a hit! Okay Okay I’m on a rant now.. I apologize. ANYWAYS, enjoy Neko Case:)

Instead of doing for homework last night, I was distracted down a lonnnnng {but successful} bunny trail of blogs. I finally caught up with my bunny once I found Sometimes Sweet. Danielle’s blog, Sometimes Sweet, is amazing! I spent at least an hour looking at all of her older posts about how her and her husband met. It’s truly a fairytale type of story. One of those that makes gives this single gal a glimmer of hope. Another thing that attracted me to her blog was her “Tattoo Tuesday” weekly posts. How cool is that?! As you can already imagine, yes she has tattoos and yes they are awesome! More power to you gal! To visit her blog you can click the button below.

I’m still this infatuated with pudding, promise.



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