mucho sabores

In case you didn’t take Spanish in school the title of this post is “much flavors”. What’s yo flava, tell me what’s yo flavaa!

My roomie insists on taking pictures of herself while i’m getting dressed..So I insist on posting them for you:D

we’re all pretty dorky here in the 416

Before I present to you my flavor of the week, I have some exciting news:D

I am going to Prague for the Summer. ENTIRE Summer, how epic is that?!..that is all!

My flavor of the week goes right along with my obsession..

{excuse the creases..I live in a dorm for goodness sake, I do what I can!}

I adore vintage floral patterns. I actually go into a fabric shop with an open mind, but as I prepare my fabrics to be chopped up I realize…shoot most of these are floral! {perfect} I want to learn to make skirts and dresses, because some of these patterns would be adorable as clothing!!

American Idol is FINALLY back on!! Holy smokes how i’ve missed this show. I usually don’t get into seasons of shows that easily, but the last season of American Idol completely stole my attention. So here I am searching on YouTube for auditions..I am a sucker for these stories. It’s really sad/happy, get the tissues ready.


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