Obsession{s} of the Week

The item that has completely stolen my attention this week deserves every bit i’ve given it. It all started last Saturday. I woke up feeling quite spontaneous and to add to that I had two cups of REAL coffee, not the fake latte Starbucks serves. You could say I was quite impulsive. I was on a mission to buy some sort of craft to give me my DIY fix. I went above and beyond buying a craft, I bought my very first Singer Sewing machine. That’s right! In my little cubicle I call home, I now have a sewing station. She’s beautiful. Sews like a dream. What have I sewn you ask?? Well, that’s a sad story actually on the count I only know how to sew pillows and scarves. So three pillows and two scarves later..Emily now has to deal with the late night hum of my Singer {bum..bum..bum.bum.bum.bumbumbum}

Can you see the beam of light from heaven?! Can you hear the hallelujah chorus!??!

Here’s a little ear candy and possible candidate for my new obsession:


2 thoughts on “Obsession{s} of the Week

  1. Ah! So excited for you! I have a Singer, and I’m kinda obsessed with it too. Can we please have a craft date soon? I feel like we could create some ridiculously cool stuff. I’m just saying.

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