Found || {Music}

Ever have those songs that give you a specific mood or extra swaggerish qualities?? That’s just me, eh? I have them for almost any mood I want to be in whether it be sulky or straight thug.

{Smith Westerns}

This is a good song for the days you want to lay in the grass with a book and a coffee right by your side. The Smith Westerns have a very sixties sound. They remind of a modern Beatles. I know the Beatles can’t be compared to anyone anytime soon but the voice effects on “I Am The Walrus” can be compared to this song’s effects. So grab you a latte and enjoy this hit by the Smith Westerns.

{Brooke Fraser}

This wonderful lady has a beautiful voice and an even prettier soul to match. Brooke Fraser is a contemporary Christian singer/songwriter. She has a phenomenal voice for driving around with the car windows down and just loving life. Go ahead hop in your car, roll the windows down and take a drive.

{The Civil Wars}

Joy Williams was originally a solo artist until 2009 when she  paired up with singer/songwriter John Paul White. They call themselves the Civil Wars. They have an EP out, but you can find more of them on youtube.

(I found them through a friend)

And this man is nothing new but it’s good to be reminded of classics like this

{Otis Redding}

Dear Otis..I can’t say much to express how awesome this man truly is. His music is divine. I heard this song from one of my top favorite movies..can you guess it? It is from the steamy love scene shared by Baby and Johnny. That’s right, Dirty Dancing.


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