Insert suggestions (__here__)

Alright you guys. I’ve decided I need more structure to my blog. I know you are all super thrilled when I post randomness {sarcasm} but I feel like it’s time to set certain posts on certain days. This is where you all come in! Every opinion matters so please don’t hesitate. I won’t take anything personal:) I’m thinking that each day should have a theme. For example: Manic Monday could be where I talk about the craziness of Mondays and post fun 80s music videos. Okay, so you see what I mean. I want to know {if you even care} what you want to read more of! For all I know, I could be just talking to myself right now. {ha ha ha} If you say yes to themed days, comment or email me suggestions! I hope this works out. I really care about what you guys are thinking.



3 thoughts on “Insert suggestions (__here__)

  1. theme days!! I’ve been coming up with a few for myself, it’ll be fun to know what is coming up:)

    PS I am at highland coffees for the next few hours doing work and sipping a peppermint latte, you should join me! I have some things to show you!

    • 1) go to playlist .com
      2) make an account
      3) make a playlist
      4) “share” it on your wordpress
      5) copy the link from the new post that the playlist makes
      6) delete the new post
      7) go to widgets [through dashboard]
      8) add a “text” widget on a sidebar
      9) then paste the embedded code there
      10) voila!

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