Ms. Rogers

There is no shame in my game. Trust me I already know I am a complete dork for taking pictures of roommate lets me know quite often. This was my first time to wear this Goodwill “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood” knock off and I absolutely adored it! For a dollar, this sweater kept me ridiculously warm. I haven’t been posting too many interesting posts due to school and getting settled back down in Baton Rouge, but stay with me guys! Have faith in little ol’ me. I’ll get back on my game, no prob. Today I had my first printmaking class. I am oober excited and even more nervous. Have I mentioned how expensive being an art major is!? Art is actually one of the most expensive majors on campus as well as having one of the lowest incomes. We can’t even sell anything back either! I bought supplies for ONE stinking project and it cost me $116..may I mention everything I bought fit in ONE grocery bag…ONE!!!! Oh well, when people ask me why art all I can say is “it’s my passion”. I have no other reason obviously. Pay sucks and supplies are expensive, but i’ve convinced myself it’s not all about money. Plus, it gives me an excuse to shop at Goodwill and other second hand stores. It’s a win-win situation in the eyes of Kristen.

I tried to make another face but I was seriously dorked-out. I couldn’t help but start laughing.

Okay I realize this song is almost a year old, but I am in love!



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