full of frugality :D

Frugal is such an odd word. Frugal Frugal Frugal

[funny story I tried running over to take a picture with her and she ran away..leaving me to look like an overly happy Christopher Columbus who just discovered America..]

then she was a sweet roomie and decided to take a picture wif me

{OldNavy shirt= 6$    OldNavy skirt=8$   leggings=5$    Target boots= 9$}

I got that whole outfit for under $30!!!holller. What a frugal Sunday outfit

Here are a few more outfit posts that I forgot to post!

This was a thrifting outfit. I just bought that parka from OldNavy so I HAD to test it out. It tested out perfectly:)

Be expecting a lot more outfit posts done by my computer. Now that i’m back at school, I don’t have a mother willing to snap pictures of her goofy daughter’s outfits. And i’m just a little to embarrassed to ask my roommate or neighbor. Mac will do.

okay so how AMAZING is Eliza Doolittle and Lloyd Wade. Holy Moly

and Lissie just give me the chills. LOVE her



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