epic win

Epic thrift day today! I racked up on so many things for my future apartment and clothes. I cannot wait to put them all in use


1) Aztec vest

2) Lace dress that I will cut shorter and fix up a little

3) Gap feaux fur vest

4) green glass dish

5) Geometric pattern sweater

6) Gold owl container that weighs about 10 pounds

7) retro dishes

1) purse and books

2) wall art/ pot holder

3) old spanish map of the world

4) clothes

5) hippy crochet dress

6) purple glass lamp

I spent total of 70 something dollars!


4 thoughts on “epic win

  1. Once I get move, you are going to come spend the night with me and we are going to create a fantastic image of you with all your thrift finds. And I’m really excited about it. So don’t say no!

    • no, not at all, I won’t..do..it
      okay you talked me into it:D That would be a blast. I have many…blasts from the past. Many dressed I would have worn if I were 80s Prom Barbie

  2. Hey girl, I dont know if you remember me. but we were in the same art drawing class. And I was on stumble upon and recognized you when this site came up on my screen, Just thought it was cool :)

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