what’s your soundtrack?

[dress- Ya, stockings-Calvin Klein {gift} , heels- UO, necklace- Buckle {gift}]

Have you ever realized how important movie soundtracks actually are? The first love scene of Dirty Dancing would not be the same without Otis Redding’s “These Arms of Mine” serenading Johnny and Baby into that steamy scene. What about the couple that is torn apart find a way back to each other, and as they’re running towards each other in the pouring rain, tears streaming down her face [oh don’t forget..slow motion..] they embrace {gag} with a Goo Goo Dolls track leading the way.   (roll credits)

well have you turned the radio on and it JUST happens to be playing that one song that goes right along with your day? That particular song that penetrates right to your soul ..No? Well have you ever been walking with your headphones in and that one song that makes you put a little swag in your step begins to play [in my case it would be a DJ Kool track or even a Beatles ballad] and you think to yourself “aaaaw yeah this is my song!”…no? Well, I always do. Anytime i’m driving and a sentimental or thought provoking song comes on, I feel like my life is the movie and the song is my soundtrack. It’s funny now that  I actually say it..type it..out loud. This happened to me three times today. These songs would make excellent soundtracks to anybody’s “movie”




so world, what’s your soundtrack?



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