sunday’s grab bag

When I was younger, I loved watching raindrops race across my family’s suburban’s window. I would pick one drop and give it an opponent, then depending on how fast mom was driving would quickly watch my raindrop kick the other raindrop’s wet butt! Every time it rains, I think of those times. It seems so childish now, but at that moment I was in my own world. I was being the innocent minded child I was supposed to be. The internet wasn’t stealing my attention..a cell phone wasn’t in my grasps, instead I chose a window, water, and a mom that enabled my drop to win.

I adore hymns sung by contemporary artists. I like the little twists they put on the music. Hymns are by no means out of date. It bothers me when Christians {usually younger} assume that these songs are expired. They still speak truth about God and as it is stated in the Word God is constant. These truths never change. Even though the music may sound wack to you, whether someone likes it or not it’s still relevant to the walk of a Christian

I always look forward to receiving the Urban Outfitters catalog. I particularly enjoy how their images are so naturally raw. For example, the cover looks like someone just snapped a photo of a modernly fashionable female..that just happens to be walking on the heels. Well that’s not so natural, but you get my drift! She isn’t in some studio with flawless skin and make-up to enhance her beauty. Natural beauty is what is shown.

I’m totally loving the aztec geometric patterning that is becoming more and more used.

aaaaaah LOVE these quilts

UO’s apartment selection is one of my top faves! I’ve been wish listing all sorts of things for my apartment in the Fall and one of the items is featured below! If you know me at all, you know I am a sucker for retro-style owls. How can you resist them?? So it was just natural for me to wish list that lovely little owl bank.

Oh Urban how you make my wallet break.

Here’s one more little tid-bit

This is from Erin’s senior shoot which I am in the process of editing.



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