Throwback Saturday

Word to your mom[s] I came to drop bombs!…thank you Black Sheep

Sleeping in did not happen as planned. But good news is i’m going to get a manicure and pedicure today with mi madre!

As you know, I love throwbacks from the 90s. Here is another song that is dear to my little throwback heart. Makes me want to clear my throat or jump jump possibly [:D] Words can’t describe how these songs make my dancing bones feel. Whoever said Baptists shouldn’t dance obviously never listened to DJ Kool, Cypress Hill, or Tone Loc- HOLLER!

now that you got your hip hop vibe on, go ahead and hop over to Twitter where you can follow me at thelazy_a

I’m gonna lie it may be a waste of your brain cells, because i’m not interesting nor do I know how to operate twitter. I am actually kinda embarrassed to say I have one. Just scratch all of that! I’m not admitting to being a tweeter or is it twitter[er] quite yet.

RAWRRRR I was the queen of Chef Boyardee



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