sweet child of mine

That’s right I got Guns and Roses stuck in my head, Lord help me

Okay, so today was a productive day. After work, I went to GNC and bought out the vitamins. I used to take vitamins and protein like crazy along with working out everyday and watching what I eat, but lately due to being busy i’ve slacked. No longer will that be my excuse! I am going to start treating my body the right way. We went grocery shopping after working out and my mom convinced me i’d like cottage cheese for a snack or what not..when I tried it i’m not gonna lie I baby barfed a little. It was horrible. The texture, color, and most importantly smell completely grossed me out. I can see why it’s a “diet fad”. The person is sick to their stomach after, who would want to eat?! Anywho, I may be going to Passion 2011 in Ft. Worth!! AH so excited:)

Here’s a sneak peek of a senior shoot i’m working on.

HELLO I mean look at this fox. Tayla made my job soooo easy. She is fabulous and rocked the camera like a model trained by Tyra. Her style and personality totally blow me away. I can’t wait to show you guys more later.



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