jewels of many sorts

Yall I am a huge sucker for 80s and 90s throwback rap songs. When I listen to them, I get a whole new vibe. I feel like i’m a “fly girl” straight off the set of an In Living Color episode. Thank to XM 90s on 9, I had a MAJOR jam session driving around town to this epic track by DJ Kool. YouTube won’t allow me to play the video on here but to find out which song i’m talking about click HERE

Heres another jewel I jammed last night:


Here’s a few more awkward picture from the Kristen archives. Enjoy

Little did you know, I was the stunt double for Randy from The Christmas Story.


This picture of me and my brother will haunt us for the rest of our lives. Sure, it’s precious in an awkward sibling way but it’s not something I want framed over the mantle of my fireplace.

Okay this isn’t awkward, it’s just scary. I’m precious of course, but the Dracula holding me is a different story

Okay, does this even need a description? Gotta love church halloween festivals.

remember how I mentioned the baths in the sink? Yeah, here’s another picture from that stage:)


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