new year, new buys

Along with the new year, always comes the urge to start fresh with some aspect of life. Well I’ve been having an itch to start new with my makeup collection. I am going through all of it tonight and trashing the stuff that I haven’t used in the past few months. I have a massive collection of makeup that needs to go! It’s useless! I’m throwing away all of my brushes as well. I’ve been using them for far too long. I decided to get on Elf and buy a few new things since I am going out with old and in with the new. To my surprise Elf makeup is rather inexpensive!! You should check them out here.

I bought a new brush set for $21.99

nail polish in “Golden Goddess” for $1.00!

lipstick in “Nicely Nude” for $5.00

and High Definition Powder to set my foundation for $6.00

PLUS I had a coupon for $5.00 off



You should know by now I can’t resist showing you guys old pictures. Here are a few eye-candys for the night!

I cannot describe the love I have for this picture! It’s so awkwardly cute, it’s ridiculous. I was a little chunky money when I was younger, and somehow I think my mother took this picture knowing that it would be blackmail one day. I don’t know what’s cuter the way to high bottoms or the fact that that little chunk {muah}  is jumping off the diving board. epic

okay, taking a bath in the sink? you ask? well theres a story behind why from 1 year old to about…4 years old I refused to step in the bath tub. Unfortunately, I am still embarrassed by that story, so it is not blog-friendly. Use your imaginations people

okay I die laughing every time I see this jewel. 1) I’m way to excited to be wearing camo and holding a gun. You can barely see my eyes, they are just little slits. 2) What’s up with that haircut?! I’m pretty sure my mom chopped that one right there. 3) My brother’s uni-brow is hawt. period. 4) I must note this was the first and last time I ever went hunting. promise!

One more eye candy for the night…

thank you Mr. Franco, thank you


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