oh the faces

Why not start this series with an awkward face of my own. How precious was I? Ha..Ha don’t answer that. Apparently mom tried blinding me with the stupid flash on her camera. This picture is one out of five shots and let me note it was the best one.

Oh brother, this is just too cute

Now this fox right here is my genna. When I was little, I always called her fuzzyhead (for reasons shown) and she called me little fuzzyhead. I think the most dangerous part of this picture is her nails. Check those red claws out. She’s from Nawlins’ what do you expect? :)

I just don’t understand why my mom HAD to get a picture of me with my birth flowers surrounding me. It looks like a funeral set-up

That’s right y’all..I’m still a country charm

Oh little Ashley how adorable are you! Maybe it’s the cut off shirt, super short shorts, high socks, or the fact that his shirt is BAMA..tisk tisk

This is the face of a petrified Kristen. Notice how there is no comfort going on

Not much has changed:)

These are just a few of my family’s awkwardly funny pictures. There will be much more to come. I’m having a blast looking through all of our old photos and sharing them with you guys. I’ll try not to get too crazy




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