October 20, 1979

My parent’s wedding was simplistic to the max. Honestly, this would be the ideal wedding for me. No doubt my mom, being the woman she is, would have rather have had a fairytale white dress with a ceremony held in a majestic cathedral, but this was what they could afford. I couldn’t seeing it being any more perfect. It was just friends, family, and my parents. In love

I love the series above. Remember when I said I have 3 pictures that I have claimed as mine? Well the one on the right is numero dos in that collection. Look how gorgeous my mom and pop look! I adore my dads outfit. It is so simple and handsome, black suits are so overrated. My mothers cream straight fitting dress with a simple burgundy jacket over shows her beauty way more than a glitzy white ball gown would have.

Maybe I get my attraction to scruffy guys from my mom. How hilarious

Two of my favorite people.

I actually just found out that my mom has her dress hidden under her bed. All these years and she JUST tells me! What do I do?? I jump up, run straight to her bed, and dive under searching for that piece of fabric. It is beautiful. I tried it on and it fits perfect. I told her to never throw it away, because you can bet on the night of my wedding I will be wearing that cream dress.

that’s all for tonight.




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