summer of ’79

Santa Claus bought me a scanner this year and I am thrilled to be able to finally show you guys some of these pictures. I love looking at my parents past through photographs. It gives me a totally new insight on who they were and what times were like 30- 40 years ago. Most of the pictures I’ve scanned today are from the years 76-79. I hope you enjoy these as much as I have.

this crimped hair is epic..

I mean can you say stud?! My dad had some serious style with those sunglasses. Oh, and how could I forget those way too short white shorts and slightly too tight tee..gotta love it

I have three pictures of my mom from this series that I have claimed as mine and the picture on the right is one. Spicy one she was.

What guy could resist a woman with a gun??

I love everything about these hunt pictures.

I LOVE this picture. How hilarious are my dad and his guys? Maybe its captain Dave’s cowboy hat..or maybe it’s the “what?” look my dad is giving the camera paired with his 1970s bachelor mustache. Studs I tell you..studs.

Hello good lookin!! My mom said the picture on the right is from the first night she ever saw my dad without hair on his face. Picture moment for sure

nothing needs to be said about how awesome this picture is. I love the candid-ness.

My mom said this was at a concert..what concert you ask? Willie Nelson of course

This is all for today, I can’t wait to post more for you guys. I adore sharing these family photos and a bit of history about my parents and their life before kids

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