10 confessions

1) I am obsessed with shower food. You can RSVP me to any form of shower, wedding or baby! The food is always a fun surprise and very few times have a I been let down by the array of punches. Whether it is raspberry sherbet with Sprite or orange sherbet with gingerale and pineapple juice, my tongues jumps for joy

2) I have 3 dogs and out of the 3 there are only 4 eyes..confused? Let me explain. I have two dogs that only have one eye! haha. Don’t worry animal lovers, we do not abuse our dogs in any way, shape, or form. Our lab lost her eye in a wicked cat fight, the cat won. The cocker spaniel lost his eye to pre-mature cataracts.

3) I can cross one eye while keeping the other straight. It’s a talent..I know

4) Family Guy is my guilty pleasure. I can watch it all day long and never get tired of it. South Park on the other hand…can’t stand it!

5) I fall asleep to QVC on a regular basis. I also love watching late night infomercials. They are so ridiculous it’s hard to look away.

6) Thanks to my older brother, I have a slight phobia of spit/mucus. I don’t know who WOULD like spit or mucus, but I get nauseated if it even comes near or on my skin. My brother had many torture techniques when I was younger some of them include sneezing on me, wet-willies, and that stupid trick of spitting then sucking it up. One night while we were swimming at a neighbors pool, He decided to hold me down and practice that trick on me right above my throat. There was no way I was getting out no matter how hard I wiggled and fought so I closed my eyes and just waited for him to stop. About five seconds later, I feel something drop right on my throat. YES you guessed it, apparently his had not mastered his trick very well. I immediately began to throw up..everywhere. That was the last night he ever spit on me.

7) I subconsciously smell my food as I’m taking a bite of it. I didn’t realize I did this until my best friend pointed it out. I don’t see a problem in it besides making me look a little crazy, but it’s a hard habit to break.

8) My brother threw me into a ceiling fan once during an intense wrestling match. I shattered the globe and lightbulb. I have a scar to prove it.

9) I never drink water without lemons at a restaurant.

10) I am the only one in my family that does not go by my middle name. I wish I would have, but because I didn’t  I’ve decided to name my first girl after my middle name. Blake.


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