Melodies & Desires

new obsession:

I found this song on an emerging music website and i’m slightly obsessed with it. I can’t help but smile and bounce around when listening to it.

old obsession:

No matter how many times I listen to this song, I can’t imagine it ever getting old to me. I wouldn’t call it a classic, it’s just a good song. Some songs are one hit wonders and tend to only last about a year or so in popularity but this anthem will never pass.


This song makes me want to carve my eyes out. I cannot stand this song much less stand Sugarland. To all you Sugarland lovers, I am not sorry for my declaration of hate, but I hope you continue reading [don’t worry I won’t be posting anymore about Sugarland]..this should be a sin SERIOUSLY

And to cheer you up from listening to the song above..i’ll let Keenan take it away

click here to watch!


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