“Okay, soo don’t freak out…

“..but my gas light just came on!” – not exactly something you want to hear going across the Atchafalaya bridge. Little did Alexandra know, I was praying the whole time as I was watching Priss eat up the last drops of gas. Luckily, God heard my excess of prayers and led us to an exit that led us further to a quite sketchy road. In fact, as we made the right turn onto the road I said “This is a scary movie waiting to happen..” That road led us to an even sketchier gas station with over-priced gas. Along with the scary run-down gas station was a perfect pedophiliac kidnapper’s van with its doors wide open waiting to sell the “Hey kids I have candy” bit. Alexandra and I just start laughing..[it is NEVER a boring trip in Priss.] I step out to bring the money to the cashier and notice two guys from the van follow me inside. I hold the door open for them and one replies with a politely spoken Southern “Thank You!” After I paid, I walk out to Priss and begin pumping. On the other side is the van and the driver. So it was either stand their and be awkward or strike up a conversation..either way it turns out awkward. “On a road trip?” I ask. He replies with “Yeah, we’re from Nashville..” BAM I knew it was a band from that point on. I noticed the attire of the three guys. Ya know, skinny jeans, dark v-neck, leather jacket-the normal garage band attire. Turns out they were headed to Houston for a show..He told me the name but honestly I don’t think I was paying attention to think back now. I’m sure I will hear of them in a few years and you can bet I will find them and remind them of that one time we spoke at that sketchy Louisiana gas station

I can never take myself seriously


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