Saturday slumber

Either there is a ferocious bear having an asthma attack in the room over or my dad is taking his usual afternoon nap…hmm sounds more like a bear.

I found Kiersten on YouTube this morning and fell in love with her Norah Jones/ Ingrid Michaelson raw type of voice. Amazing in my opinion. Because I don’t illegally download music[:)] I went to Target to purchase an iTunes card. It’s like my crack, I have to have my iTunes fix weekly. I also bought some Bon Iver music along with Mumford & Sons, pretty epic combination if you ask me…and this is my blog sooo ITS AN EPIC COMBO!

Guess what I get to do at 6..okay, I get to watch my mom be an angel in our church’s Christmas play. I better take pictures because this angel thing doesn’t happen every day:)

looks like one picture but its really two:D magical

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