“but it’s tradition!!”

..I’ll say leave me alone. I’m singin all night long; it’s a family tradition

-Hank Williams Jr.

A friend told me “shouldn’t you be writing on your blog or something..?”

SO here I am..posting away

Family traditions. Just that phrase gives me the heeby-jeebies. When I hear “tradition” I think tacky sweaters, old aunts, and cheesy ideas our parents came up with thinking it would be a brilliant idea (at the time). But in my family, Family traditions are FAR from traditional. Every Christmas, It is tradition for my family to go Christmas tree shopping and share a family dinner after. It is not till December 10th that we usually buy our tree. You could say my mom was never the mom that had the tree up and house lit as soon as we finished the Thanksgiving turkey.

The night started out with my mom badgering us on starting a new tradition by buying a fake tree this year. “Sam’s is having a deal!! For $70 you can get a 7 ft. tree already covered in 750 lights WITH a foot pedal that you just have to stomp on and the tree is lit” is what she said at least 500 times. My dad and I [correction: just my dad] rebutted with “Lets cut off your leg and replace it with a fake one then see how YOU like it” Awkward silence then laughter followed. His response may have not made sense but it was quite hilarious.

After many inappropriate “flocking” jokes [props to mom], we found a tree, wrapped it up, and headed on our way. To waste time, we drove by houses decorated in Christmas lights . One house, that could not have held more than one bedroom and a bath, was decked out in lights from the top of its roof to the tip of the sidewalk. It even had TWO countdown clocks to Christmas and a stereo system blaring music. I can still hear “Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la..la la la la” ringing in my ears.We had dinner at the delicious DeAngelo’s and shared many laughs and too much dirty laundry. I appreciate my parents the older I get and the more I learn about them. Next thing I know, it’s two hours later and there is no need for my abs workout because of the uncontrollable, obnoxious laughter that jolted from my mouth throughout dinner.

Oh tis the season..to be home and with family.

I am now alone sitting on my couch. I may just go to bed before two tonight..crazy I know

Goodnight to all of you


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