This is a man’s, a man’s, a man’s world
But it wouldn’t be nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl

-James Brown

The gas stations should NOT allow just anyone to use those dreadful air machines! Some sort of secret code that only experienced air-fillers know should exist. First off, how am I supposed to know when to stop putting air in? In words of my father, “pump the air till the tires look good!” What in the world is that supposed to mean?! The tires looked good to me in the first place, if it were based on my view I wouldn’t have been filling them up.

Secondly, what geniuses thought to put an air and water machine together! Are they trying to have me star on Punk’d or something? I mean that is just an embarrassing YouTube video waiting to happen. After about 5 minutes of analyzing the two hoses, I decide the red tube is the air hose; at least that’s what the eeny-miny-mo method determined. I put 4 minutes worth of air throughout the tires and my dang 
low tire light was still I used my resources.

That fine young man filling his truck with gas never knew what hit him! I walked up to him and explained how lost I was and that unless he comes help me I would be stuck on the side of the highway tonight with no air in my tires because my poor car is way tooo packed. He agreed to help and pulled out this nifty electric gadget that reads the PSI level of my tires. [and why do I now own one of these gadgets?!] Oh, and I also learned that there is a number on the tire that determines how much air I should put in! Hello that could have helped me when I was trying to determine how much air is just enough.

One more thing for you inexperienced air pumpers. When reading the gauge, just because a line splits the numbers does not mean its 2.0,3.0, or 4.0. If that were the case, trying to get to 44 psi may cause quite an issue!

This quote has nothing to do with my story, I just thought it was rather clever:)

Every girl should use what Mother Nature gave her before Father Time takes it away.
Dr. Laurence J. Peter

Instead of studying, I’m doing this..tisk tisk

Happy Thursday


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