The Scientist

Nobody said it was easy. No one ever said it would be this hard. Oh take me back to the start.

I miss the days when I was younger and my family was all together under one roof. I miss the times me and my brother fought and wrestled, which usually ended in my have a battle wound. But I never cried, nope I was not going down like a total sissygirl! Some of the best memories of my childhood are with my brother. Nights of putting my dad’s clothes on and allowing my brother to stuff me with all the pillows in the house. I looked identical to a sumo wrestler. This would end in us laughing so hard I would have to pee and he would REFUSE to un-stuff me. How brother of him! ..or there were the time he would tickle me until I would eventually potty myself, I was 5 or..10 give me a break! Because of him, I have an intense fear of a mucus, but i’m won’t get into detail with that.

Looking back, I would have never thought I’d be the Kristen I am today. Remembering what I stood for and what my style was in middle y’all! When I talk about my past to people that have only known me for a short time, they don’t believe me! I will say thats a good thing. I tried to grow up so fast when I was younger, that it really messed me up. I hung around people that were no less than two or three years older than me. I was always told “you are so mature for your age!” “I never thought you were a freshman in high school!” Yeah I guess that’s cool and all especially when I’m trying to fit in with that specific age group, but along the way I passed up many people that were my age that could have prevented me from some of the things I did. Now just because it seems like i’m talking negatively about my past and who I was, I’m not at all. It’s a growing process. I love the people I met then, but I am glad we have all grown up and somewhat went our separate ways. I love who i’ve become because of who I was then. Yes, I am mature for my age, but I’m slowly learning to slow down and not grow up too fast. Age comes inevitably, no reason for me to rush it. My mom always told me “Once you’re old, you’re old. You can only be young once!” Very wise words when I’m reading them now.

It’s also funny to look back at who my favorite music artists were and what my dreams for my future were. I was in love with any artist that was popular. Ya know those overplayed radio stars? The ones usually found on the VH1 special “One Hit Wonders!” Music that has very little depth in it. I don’t remember what my plans were for myself. That’s surprising to me because now I can’t help but have plans and back up plans! That shows how different I was, I just didn’t care.

I thought I was so cool….

yeah that’s T.Sweezy, no big deal!

Who am I kidding, I am still cool! :D right??


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