What makes me tick

Good morning all:)

Ah it’s Tuesday..which means I will be home in 3 days! Oh what joy;

Some nights people, I honestly do get to bed early. For example, last night I was in bed by ten and falling asleep by ten thirty, perfect right? That’s what I thought until I woke from a dream thinking it was late into the afternoon but was quickly disappointed after reading the “1:55 A.M.” on my clock. I laid back down, no big deal to fall asleep again..right? WRONG! I kept tossing and turning with everything flooding my mind. I was thinking about posts to write. I was thinking about when I should start packing to head home. I was even thinking about adding espresso shots to my chai latte I plan on having soon. Why did I think about these things you ask? and I answer with, ohh if you only knew what goes through this little head sometimes. The strangest of strange, I promise you! By three a.m. I had enough of this Alice in wonderland bunny trail mess!

So reader..what makes me tick… or in this case sleep? Melatonin.

sweet, sweet victory over that endless trail of thoughts my mind wanted to explore.

New art of interest


found here

found here

{Alexandra Rodchenko||1926}

{Alexandra Rodchenko||1924}




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