the final week

For my Art 1011 class, our instructor assigned us to make our own deck of cards. She allowed the class to do any sort of design from any sort of time period. There wasn’t restrictions on the medium choice, but that it was something we are comfortable with. So what did I choose?? My computer of course!! I knew from the day she gave us the assignment I wanted it to be some sort of graphic design. I started to google retro posters and found one that inspired me. It was a poster of action figures, but the artist only used distinct feature from the figure such as a mask or signature facial hair. It is awesome! I started experimenting on Illustrator and 3 days later I had my very own “sly animal” deck of cards..well at least 3 of the cards. I chose a sly animal theme because to me they are very mysterious and intriguing. The eyebrows are probably my favorite part on the creatures. I did this all from scratch and am very proud of the way it all turned out. Instead of labeling the animal, I wrote adjectives to describe each one


My final

I think I have a sleeping problem! I’m gonna diagnose myself as a chronic over-sleeper. ha! I tried to go to bed around 2 this morning, which is my normal time, but after reading the first sixty pages of the Shack it ended up being closer to 3. That’s not a big deal, but the fact that I couldn’t fall asleep till closer to 4 is! Needless to say, I overslept until 12:03 p.m.! Don’t get me wrong it felt wonderful, but it IS finals week. I can’t stick out to much. I have to somewhat seem sleep-deprived and doped up on coffee.

Oh Land is my new obsession..expect many videos of her from this blog:)

brought to you by LSU students..

I hope all of you college kids out there have a fantastic finals week!




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