Sunday’s update

Well finals officially start tomorrow and what did I do?

Woke up at cute..walked to the Student Union with Alexandra..ate..watched the Saints win..and took pictures:D

I must say it was a productive day. Luckily, there are perks of being an art student. I had to do projects and drawings for finals which I was able to turn in last week! I only have one official final on Thursday..dreaded Art History. ICK!

I did not look like the average college student that should be preparing for finals. Instead of sweats and tennis shoes, I wore boots and a cardigan:) So I decided to make a “what is not normal” picture, comparing me and alexandra’s wardrobe.

If you haven’t caught on yet, I am the abnormal one! I stick out like a sore thumb when I wear stuff like this during finals week. Alexandra obviously caught on quite well. I feel like a fake college student because I am not freaking out right now or staying up all hours of night..well i’m still staying up late but for different reasons-like blog stalking:) [creep I know]


Lately, I’ve been obsessed with Sydney from The Daybook. She is precious! It’s hard to not be obsessed with her blog and style. I am proud to say she was my outfit inspiration for the day!

Flanel: Old Navy, cardigan: Target, boots: Kohl’s, jeans: PacSun

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