“His Princess” excerpt

I know the world whispers in your ear that what you possess defines who you are, and what you look like determines your worth. That is  a lie, My love. The generations to come will never remember you for the things you accumulate or the efforts you placed in your appearance. In fact, the harder you strive to collect more things and to perfect your image, the more insecure you will be about who you are and why you are here. I am in you and you are in Me. I will give you all that you need. Now go and walk through the world in the confidence that i’ve uniquely equipped you with all you need to impact the lives of those around you forever!


Your King and Confidence

I’ve been stressing lately about little things. Stupid things actually. I’m better than that and should hold myself that way. As I was doing my Bible study this morning the very next passage for me to read was Luke 12:22-34. That passage is used all the time in sermons about worrying and stress but when I read it this time it spoke to me in a different way. I viewed it in a new light because right now this very moment i’m going through this. I’m worried about school and scheduling. I’m aggravated over petty things that WILL pass. But God rocked my world with this passage.

God sustains me and will continue doing so.

v30 “..But your Father already knows your needs. 31 Seek the kingdom of God above all else and he will give you everything you need.” There is no exception to that everything. When Jesus said everything he meant EVERYTHING. So why do I worry about these little little littttttle things? It doesn’t add a single moment to my life. It’s pointless really. He WILL provide positive relationships, He WILL provide love, joy, and peace, He WILL even schedule classes for me. My God is a mighty God. More might than I give Him credit for. He lifts my burdens and promises me life, a life better than anything my imagination can come up with. He has it all and wants our all. He is a zealous God. He wants to protect what is his. He wants his children to give him our all-worry and stress included.


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