We meet again..it has been a while since I last posted about my klutsyness. Well this story will top them all, possibly:

The day is Monday. The location is the 459 [LSU’s fine dining hall]. The victim is the one and only..Kristen Blake! I’m eating a well balanced meal- spinach salad with all the fixings and low-fat Italian, Roasted peppered pork, with potatoes and squash mmmm. What’s missing? ah yes desert. So many options to choose from but which one should I choose?! The vanilla/chocolate soft serve? The four different flavors of the dairy store ice-cream? Home-made peach cobbler? Cookies, brownies, cake?! OR the cup of half whip cream and half vanilla pudding TOPPED with chocolate chips..mmmm:) yes you guessed it..I chose the pudding cup! I take my pudding cup to go with it in my right hand and 4×3 portfolio & clipboard in my left. You can say I was quite overwhelmed but I was not giving up that pudding! I walk outside and what else is coming from the sky but RAIN. I pop my umbrella out then try to figure out how the heck I am going to balance a portfolio, clipboard, umbrella, and my dang pudding cup. I came up with this genius plan: put the clipboard, portfolio, and pudding cup in my left hand while holding the umbrella with my right shoulder [like a phone] and feed myself with my right hand! PERFECT. I’m spooning my puddin’ and lovin’ rain-getting a few stares..but i’m completely used to that.

I get up to my room, sit down in my chair, and smile just thinking about that pudding. A few minutes pass and my shirt right on my chest feels wet. I assume its from the rain so I wipe it off my shirt. Oh but was I in for a treat!!! I had a freaking blob of pudding on my shirt!!! I immediately started laughing. Not just the normal “ha ha ha oh goodness” type of laugh ..oh no it was straight from the gut, can’t breathe, eyes cryin’, mascara runnin’, wheezin’ like a smoker’ type of laugh. Emily gave that look of “what now??” and I explained myself.

So fellow LSU students.. next time you see me walking around with pudding on my chest, instead of staring- TELL A SISTA!!




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