My weekend started Thursday afternoon. Alexandra and I went to Goodwill in order to find the PERFECT 90s grunge outfit for my frist AMB overnight training. After two hours of searching I found my combination of plaid flannel and old band tee. After everything was put together I looked like Garth from Wayne’s World..but that was the point right??

Alexandra and I love doing crafts. I mean we’re students at LSU..that’s what we’re known for right? ha ha ha. We cut several hundred magazine pages in half, rolled them, flattened them, then rolled them again; all in order to form a vase:) We are only 25% done but you can count on it being amazing once finished!!

Saturdays are one of my favorite days of the week! I wake up and can feel the tiger spirit from my dorm room! It’s amazing to see the purple and gold everywhere and experience the cheering and chanting in Death Valley. This weekend my hometown came down and wanted a taste of the Tigers. I enjoyed seeing people I actually knew and colors that are familiar to me! Most of them had our glorious purple and gold on but that’s besides the point. Let me add, at this point of my weekend I was sleep deprived by over 30 hours (thanks to AMB training). I was quite delirious by the time the game arrived. My sense of balance was out the window!!

May I just say I THOROUGHLY enjoyed my 13 hours night’s rest!

end of story.

Happy Sonday,



One thought on “..continued!

  1. so i just love your blog. your posts are just so fun and unique! i would love to meet up with you sometime because i feel like we’re twins!

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