Just another weekend in the 416

It’s laundry day..

Doesn’t get much better than a Tiger’s weekend and stale vanilla wafers bought in the basement. There was not a lick of negative this weekend. My friday started out with a shopping/girl’s day with Alexandra and ended with watching Bring It On with my closest guy friends.

Here is a list of items bought on Friday:

  • Royal blue satin top, black stone necklace, & earrings to match from Forever 21
  • Dark wash ankle jeans & black corduroy ankle pants from J.Crew
  • Two tops, one dress, & one pair of shoes from Urban Outfitters

You could say this shopping trip was a success!

Saturday began with tailgating and tiger spirit. The weather was absolutely perfect, along with the food and friends. The game was as fun as a wet rag..until literally the last few nail-biting seconds. To celebrate the win, Alexandra and I dressed up and went out for a girl’s night. Our first stop was California Pizza Kitchen, which by the way always has the best pizza!! After our pizza and salad, we walked over to the movie theater to view Social Network. That was a great movie. It was kinda slow at first but quickly caught my attention. The story is truly a remarkable story. Every time I watch the trailer chills cover my body..only because of the dramatic music and clip placement, But by the time the movie ended, I had the same reaction. The story is truly riveting!

Below is picture of my outfit choice of the night. I wore my blue satin top, black corduroy pants, new heels, and a head scarf to add a little spunk to my outfit. Have I mentioned I love my roomie??

head scarf inspirations:

As I was digging through my pictures,  I found these lovely surprises left by the Emily Ruth Moseley:) She obviously wanted a feature on my blog.

It’s always poppin’ in the Herget basement.

A loved one shared the following quote with me that is worth ending this post on

“For a man to find a woman of God,

he must dig into God’s heart first to find hers”


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