Beautiful ending

I’m patiently waiting for the clock to turn 4:30 p.m.

.. 4:25…4:27…4:28…4:29…







My Art History lecture is done and it is now officially the weekend for me! I walk “home” jamming a Nneka Pandora mix on my Blackberry. Perfect weather for a perfect day. I text Alexandra asking if she will be ready to go workout at 5 o’clock and of course I get her normal chirpy response:  “YES!”:) It is on! We set out for a new workout. I had a revelation about a new workout coming to Baton Rouge Sunday. One person runs the lake (4miles) while the other person bikes along side, then switch after that person finishes running. That way someone can push and encourage as the person is running, plus it adds an additional 4 miles to the workout. An hour and a half later, we drag our limp bodies into the UREC to return our white Roadster and the sexy helmet it comes with. I follow AZ to locker room because she has to weigh herself! She hops on..BOOM 4 pounds are gone from Tuesday when she last weighed herself. In my mind, i’m thinking “crap what if i’ve gained or stayed the same!?” So I wearily get on and BOOM 5 pounds down. When we saw the results a loud shriek came from our girly mouths and we jumped up and down high-fiving..the whole nine yards. Since we have met our goal already we decided to up it to ten pounds lost by fall break.. Wish us luck as we embark on this tough tough battle of  resisting indulgence in Menchies, Boscos, 459 Delicacies, and Smoothie King.

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