eeh mixture of fantastic and radical? Who knows!

I didn’t even know it was a word until my Art History prof. said so.

But he is a little nutty so maybe not:)

Here are a list of verses that help me get through daily life struggles.

They have blessed me so I hope someone reading these get blessed as well.

Also as i’m sitting in between Jake & Kip today in Art History they reminded of some amazing childhood cartoons. I so wish these were still on TV today. The crap tv stations play these days have no comparison on the amazing shows from 10 years ago.

I never realized Skeeter was blue!

I remember sitting next to my older brother watching him down a salad bowl size helping of Cinnamon Toast Crunch while watching this!

okay so the Rugrats one is oddly sped up ha but you get the idea!

I was never allowed to watch this openly but that’s what good older brothers are

I watched this the other day for the first time in years and could not stop laughing!!!

LOVED this show!

and does anyone remember this one?! This used to scare the mess out of me..watching the intro brings back nightmares!

This has been enough down memory lane for one day. Hope you enjoy it!


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