I am a freshman. That is so weird to say. It took me four years to build up  the “authority” and rank seniors have.. then in one night all of that was knocked down. I am a freshman once again. Bottom of the totem pole. And ya know what?? I am completely happy with that:) I am so happy to be here in Baton Rouge. I am so proud to be an LSU tiger. I have been loving every minute of it. But of course it’s easy to love it when for four days we’ve been coming and going as we please. Now it’s time for the real deal to start. SCHOOL. ah. Typing that words makes my stomach sick. I woke up this morning extremely eager. I don’t have a class till 11:40 and what time was this little one up??! Only 8:00! grr. But happy to say that this song was on my mind’s playlist:

hahahahaha YES

tis a perfect day.


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