Intro to Herget

I have not posted in several days. I hate not keeping my blog up-to-date but I have been so busy buying and packing and moving dorm stuff with that being said..I truly ADORE my dorm room. I believe every freshman should experience living in a dorm. Being surrounded by just as confused freshman as you is slightly encouraging. I’ve met so many people already and school hasn’t even started yet. I was a little worried when we walked in this crammed place on move in day. I had 3 big gray bins full of stuff and 3 other containers full of stuff. My parents knew it wasn’t going to fit. BUT I MADE IT:) Everything fits so perfect together.

Needless to say, this should be an exciting adventure


One thought on “Intro to Herget

  1. I laughed today while at Target when I looked down the isle and saw your comforter, remembering the picture of you laying on the floor in the store trying it out! lol only you ahahahaha

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