Coming back home from four days full of spirit, family, and those splendid colors-purple and gold left me wanting more! I have been so eager to move in my closet sized dorm and start LSU. I’m sick of making sure I have everything ready; I just want to GO. Today is the day I will be buying last minute essentials and begin packing my clothes and knickknacks. That will be an adventure in itself. It’s a bittersweet feeling leaving Lake Charles. Bitter because this is all I have ever known and it’s my home. Sweet because I can finally choose where I want to be. I chose my college, my city for a few years, and my home (dorm). It feels great to be able to make big decisions like that! For 13 years, my parents have made the choice of what school I’d go to- so this is a major change for me. I believe I chose LSU for the right reasons. I love the Baton Rouge/New Orleans area so I knew that was a must. LSU is a flagship school. It has excellent scholastic perks. aaaand of course the sports teams had a little something to do with it. After 13 years of black, green, and white, I can’t wait to embrace the wonderful colors of purple and gold.

For now here is a liiiittle sneak of baby Charlie’s shoot:


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