The Joneses! {Family}

I received an email from Lori requesting that I take pictures for a special family event. I usually don’t do events but when she shared with me what exactly it was for..I was aaalll about it!! Her husbands grandma was turning 100!! How awesome is that!? Ms. Myra was born in you realize how many things she has lived through (well yea..100 years) but REALLY. In 1910, Woodrow Wilson was president. She saw the depression, 3 major wars, model T Fords, invention of airplanes, and many other things! Think of all the fashion decades she went through… 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and today! Wow..that blows my mind. There were so many pictures from this shoot I couldn’t decide I must warn you- this is a llonng post:) Enjoy.

poor miss meg wanted that cake sooo bad:)

That was just a few from the party now onto the family fun:)


first rule of parenting: Candy is always the best bait!

The lovely George and Lori Jones!

I couldn’t resist posting these pictures:) They are so funny!

I have to give props to Lori for making an AWESOME vintage banner! It’s hanging in the background of most of the images and I think it is just the coooolest thing!


One thought on “The Joneses! {Family}

  1. Kristen! Again you just make me fall in love with your pictures! Whenever I get married, I’m calling you! Serious!

    Much love to ya,

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