To pass time today, I decided to go thrift shopping. I went to the Salvation Army first. I found an amazing vintage couch. It was a pea green and cream floral design. Looked straight out of the 70s. My mom would have killed me if I would have brought it home..but I sat in it for a good ten minutes. It was so hard to let go. I bought a belt, shoes, purse and some precious button earrings. We then went to Goodwill..where I found most of my stuff:) I found a ridiculously AWESOME acid-wash dress. I don’t know where I can wear it or how I can wear but I couldn’t pass it up. It’s straight out of the Cherry Pie music video. I also found another really sweet african patterened skirt. I cut two inches off of it to make it a little better fitting. It is very cute worn high-waisted.

can you say saved by the bell:)

Which shoe do you think is more expensive? One is worth $120 and the other is worth $13.99…you decide


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