Two days before I embark on ANOTHER life-changing journey, and I am blank. I believe I have so many emotions and thoughts going on that it just make a bland gumbo ha. I was up this morning and 5 o’clock. I was woken up with Ukraine on my mind. I started hearing planes flying over our house so that led to the 14 hours of flying..over massive oceans. I am not scared because I have done it before..i’m just ready to be THERE. I don’t want to be in this waiting period anymore. I have been prepping for this mission trip for almost a year..I am READY.

I ask one thing from you..prayers. Our team needs prayer more than you can imagine. We have some team members that have not even flown before. We need prayer for travel safety, humility, wisdom, and love for the students and each other. Twelve days with the same people can get kinda of testy.

I have been listening to this song non-stop. It is full of truth and I believe it is completely appropriate for me as I am preparing to leave.

This may be my last post until I come back. I will be journaling everyday so that when I come back I can blog a MAJOR post full of pictures and my experiences:)

love you all,



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