Familiar strangers

What else is there to do in a sauna BUT strike up a conversation with someone who is torturing themselves along side of you. My sauna experiences vary each day, but the past few times have been quite amazing. I don’t know if I come off as approachable or if the person in there with me is as bored as I am. Tonight I walked in and there was a gentleman in the corner. He asked if I was doing P90X on the account of the book being under my arm. I answered him and from there we talked for 25 minutes. That’s right 25 minutes in 160 degree dry heat. It went from workout regimens to his nephew practicing  medical research at Harvard. d me how his girlfriend became pregnant and how he is utterly in love with his son. The conversation ended with him asking what school I graduated from. Turns out he is a frat brother of my ex-Bible teacher. How cool is that?! We laughed and cut up about him and the rivalry of fraternities. I love meeting new people and getting a glimpse of their lives and what they are going through at that moment. Twenty- five minutes of perfuse sweating we said our goodbyes and left the sauna.

For the price I paid for this:

I could have bought this:

JUST a 44′ LED tv:)

Oh how I love my passion

I won’t see this guy for 16 days

I want In Living Color to come baccccck. I have the greatest memories when I was little of watching this with my family on BET

Jim Carrey and Jamie Foxx at their best.


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