Hand-made vintage

I have had the urge for making a skirt. I mean how hard could it be?? I can make something that no one else has and its cheaper! So I chose originality and money:)

I wanted a vintage patterned high-waisted skirt. Nothing over the top or out there. Just a simple band skirt. My mother and I went to Hancock Fabrics and spent about 20 minutes and $30 on all the necessities. We bought 2 buttons, thread, needles, 4 yards of lavender slip material, 1 yard of band, and 1 yard of each patterned material.

I wish I could do a how-to post on my skirts but it is so hard to explain and there are many many steps that I would need pictures to help.

I recommend making some form of clothing! I had loads of fun and wearing a skirt that I MADE makes me extra proud:D

Me and my mom winged this but my lady friend, Jen, just showed me this pattern she found online. So if you want to make a band skirt it may be easier to follow the link below:)


Happy Sewing!

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