Toledo Bend 2010

These are all pictures of my July 4th, 2010. It was so refreshing to spend time with my family, boyfriend, and friends.

This first set a of pictures are from night fishing on July 4th. It was a long, slow night. But may I add, I caught the LARGEST perch thank you! I was taking pictures of the stars when my brother yelled “SET THE HOOOOOK”. Well of course I had to find a spot to set my camera BEFORE I set the hook, but when I reeled that big mamma in I was pumped up! I hate fishing but I LOVE catching! It is quite thrilling

This is just a collage of pictures throughout my trip. Oh how I loveeee my boyfriend, cousin, new warf, swimming, and peanut butter:)

These pictures below were taken in complete darkness with an average shutter speed. It’s amazing what a camera can pick-up. They aren’t perfect, but I thought they were rather neat.

Let me just finished my saying God is amazing. These are my first start shots. The first one is swirled because of the motion of the boat. It’s super cool how perfect the circle is! At that moment, I was wishing for a tripod and zoom lens.
Happy Tuesday!

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