Last day for this camper

Here are some snapshots of my last day at camp as a camper. I hope to go back and staff summers eventually. I’ll see what God has for me. Student Life has done so much for me, so why not give back? Possibly one day I will be a part of God’s plan in the life of a camper.

I could not ask for a better last of camp. Our family group was amazing as usual, the weather was cloudy and cool, and the wrap at lunch was ah-mazing. Tonight’s worship with Aaron Ivey was beyond anything my mind could comprehend. I felt God’s spirit SO thick, that I couldn’t control my body. I couldn’t decide whether to dance, jump, or I just did them oddly all together. It’s amazing how we react physically to the spirit.

and please inform me as to why on the LAST day of camp Tech’s water DOESN’T smell like poo. The WHOLE time we have been here the smell of the water has been unbearable.. like made me wanna gag while showering.

Let me just finish my saying God HAS the power to change hardened hearts. He can change an atheist to a God-fearing man. He can change a hurting boy who hates his earthly father to a freed lover of his heavenly father. Never Never NEVER put God in a box.


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