When most people hear the word freedom, they think of war. When I hear freedom, I think of death. Immediately Christ’s death on the cross comes to mind. Without Christ dying for me, I would be bound in the world’s chains. As a Christian, I have been made new in Christ. My past is no longer a part of me. I am completely new creation. However, my past allows me to relate with others, so I shouldn’t FORGET my past..I just shouldn’t dwell on my mistakes. Once you realize that your burdens have been taken, your punishment has been paid for, you know longer have to be afraid of the wrath of God…freedom takes over. A freedom that COMPELS you to love others and show them how amazing it truly is.

Compel is such a strong word. It literally means forced or obliged to do something. I can’t HELP but love others, because I see through Christ’s eyes..not my own. I can’t help BUT praise Him. I can’t help BUT jump for joy and raise my hands and voice to him. I no longer want to be of the world, but instead help the world come to Christ. I am an alien to this world. I am only here a small fraction of the big picture. I think of it as taking a vacation from my true home. Heaven. Where I was meant to be from the beginning. Since Christ died for all,  we are all dead. When I handed my life over to Christ, I became a new creation. Where the word re-born comes into play. It is so liberating to embrace the freedom and tear down walls that have been put into place from years of pain. I encourage you to really take to heart the love that Christ has for you..he was compelled to come to this world, live a short perfect life with us, and die a horrible death for US. For the very people who cursed him.

That’s liberating. That’s empowering. If understanding that concept does not make you want to praise him the rest of your days…I do not know what will. He wants you, He wants your whole life.

If you need someone to talk to..if you have questions, PLEASE contact me PLEASE come to me. I will do nothing but speak truth to you.

love and blessings,



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