True vs. False

My heart broke after watching these videos. It is such a shame that people such as Todd Bentley get fame for this. Throughout all his videos he gives thanks to God and HIMSELF, Christ is to be to lifted WAY before we even think about lifting praise to our name. Did we live a perfect life, die on a cross, then rise from the grave? I do not think so. We should not even be in the picture. Christ never kicked anyone in the face, Christ never tackled or punched anyone. He only showed love to people. His heart broke for the lame and sinful. He has no right to claim that the spirit gave him those instructions. People like this turn off non-christians from ever wanting to become a christian. I don’t blame them he makes Christians look like we’re nuts. If you have not accepted Christ and you’re watching these videos..I promise Christians will NOT kick you in your face or knock your teeth out. When Christ met with the woman at the well, he did not tackle her to get the spirit of sexual immorality out. He showed her love and mercy! I honestly do not know how he can be a part of a revival doing this? How can people praise him? What has happened to witnessing to people one-on-one, just sharing the gospel. That has worked for thousands of years, why is it being diminished now?   Don’t get me wrong..PRAISE GOD when a person has been healed from a disease or from being lame, but that’s not the big picture. We can lose our health at any given moment. Salvation should be the main focus, preaching the gospel and what Christ can do for you. God heals but it shouldn’t be the main focus! Eternity is forever, you won’t remember being healed from back pain if you’re in hell. I do not want to disregard the genuine people who were there for Christ. I don’t want to diminish the power of God that was in that place and the people who genuinely praised Christ and receive healing, but I do not feel Todd Bentley’s method of doing things was right. I believe he was false ..and led people away from Christ. 1 John 4:1 “Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.” Always remember to keep Christ first and have him lifted before anything and anyone. Happy Sonday


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