Hold Us Together

  • Ingredients of a great day:

  1. 1 hour of Weights
  2. 10 minutes Saltwater
  3. 30 minutes of Psychology
  4. 3 hours Football
  5. 1 breast of a Chicken
  6. 2 scoops of Gelato (1 scoop of banana & 1 scoop of coffee)
  7. 3 washes with Dial soap
  8. too much Tanning oil
  9. unconditional Love
  10. infinite amounts of Laughter
  11. 45 minutes of shopping
  12. 2 hours of Matt Maher


These are some pictures from today and some from the past days. I hope to become obsessed with snap shots. I have always been envious of someone who just takes pictures of everything. When I get older, I wanna be THAT mom that you see taking pictures of their child burping or bathing. I wanna become obsessed with the small things. If I don’t appreciate the small things..it’ll be a lot harder to appreciate the big things. I enjoyed the laziness of today. I enjoyed reading, tanning, eating, laughing, driving, breathing, smiling, listening, smelling, texting, praying, calling, walking, drinking, thinking, running, jamming, shopping, singing, and talking. I started reading the book “Same kind of different as me”. You can bet once I’m done I’ll be blogging about that! I can almost guarantee I will post a post everyday..hopefully:) Take time to notice the small things in life and thank God for them. Thanking God for the little things such as breathing, good health, sight, and many others will SERIOUSLY brighten your day, especially when you realize all that he has done for you!

love & blessings,



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