Tragus, Shmagus!

Okay, Okay so today I did it! I finalllly did it! After wanting it for three years and stalking the piercing parlor, I finally did it. I would find any excuse just to drive by-but somehow I couldn’t brake…just kept going. Well today I did it for the last time! After getting home from passing up the parlor,

I decided [with the help of my boyfriend] to suck it up and go get it! I walked in… gleaming “CHICKEN”. The man asked me what he could help me with and I just started to giggle..luckily he smiled too. I stated what I thought I wanted done. With a couple of “ehhhs” & “ummms”, I sat down in the chair. Talking my head off! I told him how i’ve driven by here 3 times in the past two days. I asked him if my ears were too small. I even told him about my extremely Pentecostal grandmother that WILL lay hands on me when she sees this..and I don’t mean spiritually! It was a matter of 20 seconds, no pain- just pressure. I informed him that he helped me overcome a fear..and he said “Of what? needles…or creepy guys?”…..”Both” haha

Started off the day at the doctors office getting two shots..ended at the tattoo parlor getting my tragus pierced

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